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Get Fresh!

Get your feet all ready for spring with these great products designed to smooth away the scars of winter. Soak them. Smooth them. Scrub them. And then massage in rich creamy foot repair. Your feet will be so happy! Shop through our foot products now.

A Country Christmas from Lotions & Potions

Surround yourself with warmth, love and the scents of Christmas this year. Comforting and homey candles, gentle Christmas carols, and sparkling holiday fragrances are all available to wrap your home in the joy and nostalgia of your favorite country Christmas....

Our Newest Home Fragrances have Arrived!

Need to freshen up your home or office? Revive a smelly dorm room? Check out our newest home fragrance selections- including many wick-free options. Habersham wax bowls provide delectable scents with no burning necessary. Or fill an electric warmer with your favorite...

Fun Back-to-School Smelly Characters

Now you can make going back to school a little more fun and lot more glitzy. Check out these items, here and ready for the 2015 school year.    Whiffer Sniffers – amazingly scented characters     who clip onto your backpacks, lockers and other fun places.   ...

Camille Beckman

Luxurious body care products – perfect for Valentine’s Day. A clean blend of carnation petals and cashmere with trailing notes of white iris flower in a rich floral bouquet. See Camille Beckman products now