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Are you searching for the perfect gift? Look no further than these delightful fragrances crafted in the heart of Amish country in northern Indiana. Fragrances born from the earth, Annie Oakley women’s perfume is crafted with simple and fresh organic ingredients, keeping you connected with nature each day.

Annie Oakley Perfumery was founded in 1980 by perfumer/entrepreneur, Renee Gabet. Her mission was to create world class perfumes right here in the American heartland. She traveled all over the world in pursuit of the finest natural perfume essences. These essences were brought back to her perfumery where she hand blended and created her very own fragrances and now, Annie Oakley Perfumery has sold over 2 million bottles and remains the only perfumery in the USA.

Hundreds of women have found Annie Oakley floral fragrances to be a timeless collection to which they return again and again.

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